Zion will be curating All Rising Stars.
Zion is The Future, The Promised Land.
People with that name tend to raise up, to lift or move to higher positions or levels.


Zane will be curating All Shakers, Movers And The Legends.
Zane means Gift From God, The Creator, The Universe.
People with that name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities.


Zion Zane will be showcasing only the Highest Quality of Fashion, Art, Design, Beauty, Architecture, Photography, Creativity, and Creative Freedom by Artists at the top of their industries.


Published bi-annually, Zion Zane will follow an editorial theme, and have two covers that showcase The Rising Star and

The Legend.


Zion Zane will not publish any advertisements as such but will offer advertorials, that will be tailor made to the brands specifications.